Oil and gas exploration and production

INA is a medium-sized European oil company with a leading role in Croatian oil business and a strong position in the region in the oil and gas exploration and production, oil processing, and oil and oil products distribution activities.  There is a long tradition of this important economic activity in our region and from the very beginning it was related to INA.

Thanks to its engeneers' expertise, specialized knowledge and experiences, INA is successful in Upstream business segment. Until now, we have been involved in exploration and production operations in Croatia (Pannonian basin, Adriatic offshore) and 20 foreign countries. Today we operated in Croatia, Egypt and Angola.
Wherever INA operates, we attempt to operate in compliance with the principles of the sustainable development. We are involved in the life of the community in which we explore and product; we help economy development, especially infrastructures. We are involved in numerous donation and sponsorship projects.

INA priorities in BD Exploration and production are:
• growth of production and increase in resource base
• high level of productivity
• application of new technologies
• cost cuts and increase in investment efficiency

In exploration and production, as the primary initiator of company’s development, in the future we plan to follow development strategy based on research, development of existing projects and the potential action of non organic steps. We are focused on 100 percent reserves replacement and maintenance of production level of approximately 70,000 boe per day.