Exploration and Production

Exploration and Production Business Segment is engaged in exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas in Croatia and abroad. More intensive oil and gas exploration and production in Croatia began after World War II. Former INA Naftaplin, today's Exploration and Production Business Segment, which is synonym for numerous oil and gas fields discovery was founded more than 60 years ago, in 1952. Since it was founded it has been involved in many oilfield operations in Croatia and 20 foreign countries, currently in Angola and Egypt. During more than 60 years of existence 45 oil and 30 gas fields were equipped and put into operation, around 4.500 exploration and development wells with total depth of about seven million meters, about 1.200 producing oil wells with more than 4.000 km of various pipelines and more than 200 production gas wells and oil facilities and installations were built. Until these days, Naftaplin's production was and still is between 50 and 60 percent of total domestic primary energy production.
Key activities in 2014
At the end of 2014, INA had 237 million boe proven and probable hydrocarbon reserves with hydrocarbon production of 38.4 mboe/day.

INA continued exploration activities from the previous year in the continental part of Croatia.One exploration well Hrastilnica-4 encountered hydrocarbon saturation and is connected for early oil production.

Considering “unconventional” projects in Croatia, the second phase of the Well stimulation campaign, as the continuation from the previous year 2013 was performed successfully in 2014 on three (3) wells. Evaluation of the obtained results and analysis is in progress.

In 2014 INA’s share of production in Angola amounted to 1.2 mboepd, from one non-operated concession. To improve performance operations were focused on facilities maintenance. Egyptian production contributed to Group results with a production of 2.0 mboepd from three non-operated and one operated concession. Investment in 2014 was focused primarily on drilling and workover activities in order to increase production rate. INA share of production in 2014 was 8% higher than production in 2013 due to higher production on North Bahariya and East Yidma Concessions. Intensive and successful drilling campaign on North Bahariya Concession was reflected on higher production. On East Yidma Concession it is the result of production share increase (from 29% to 58 %), as well as higher production rate.
Because of the complex political situation in Syria, after Force Majeure was announced on February 26th 2012, all activities regarding Hayan and Aphamia Block were suspended until the “force majeure“ circumstances cease to exist.

Key Exploration and production data 2014

Gross crude oil reserves (MM bbl) 2P  97
Gross natural gas reserves (MM boe) 2P  125
Total gross hydrocarbon reserves (MM boe) 2P 237
Average crude oil production (Mbbl/day)  12,1
Average condensate production (M boe/day)  2,1
Average natural gas production (M boe/day)  24,2
Total hydrocarbon production (M boe/day)  38,4