Darko Markotić, Operating Director of Consumer Services and Retail

Darko Markotić graduated from the Faculty of Law, Zagreb University, in 1998. He joined INA in 2000 and performed multiple functions within the Company in a variety of different organizational units. At the very beginning of his career in INA, he worked at the Legal Sector. In June 2002, he took the position of Business Secretary in the Office of the Management Board member for coordination of the privatization of INA and in 2005 he was appointed Company Secretary and held that position for three years. In 2008, he was elected a new member of INA Management Board and after serving one year at the position, he was appointed Executive Director of Corporate Services BF in 2009. Since October 2010, he has been serving as the Executive Director of Retail Business Division and in July 2017 he was elected to the position Operating Director of Consumer Services and Retail. From October 1st, 2018 he is also Acting Operating Director of Industrial Services.
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