EOR project

There is an ongoing trend in the global oil industry to counteract the natural decline of oil and gas production by revitalising old, partially depleted wells. The most widely used of the so-called tertiary methods is injecting carbon dioxide in oil wells. INA’s Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) project is the first case of implementing this method in the Republic of Croatia. It is one of INA’s key investment projects in continental Croatia, aimed at producing additional hydrocarbon volumes at the production fields Zutica and Ivanic, in the municipalities of Ivanic Grad, Sarampov, Posavski Bregi, Topolje and Hrastilnica.

The project consists of alternatingly injecting carbon dioxide and water in partially depleted oil wells, thus increasing pressure inside a well. It also has an environmental aspect, since considerable volumes of CO2 are injected underground, thus reducing the emissions in the atmosphere. As part of the project – alongside the existing 85km gas pipeline from Molve to INA’s fields in Ivanic Grad and Zutica – additional 56km of new pipelines and two compressor stations will be built.

The test run was launched in October 2014 and it is already yielding first results – enhanced oil and gas production. All the positive effects are identified through a tracking programme.
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