Top Računovodstvo Servisi d.o.o.

Podaci o kompanijiTop Računovodstvo Servisi d.o.o.
Adresa: Savska cesta 41
10000 Zagreb
Phone: +385 1 612 3100

Company Activities

The company Top Računovodstvo Servisi, d.o.o. is established on 26 th August 2011 within INA Group. This company is under the 100% ownership of INA d.d. as a shared service center focusing on financial level service activities, including accounting, tax, payroll and partly treasury back-office activities. 

The long term strategy of the newly established company Top Računovodstvo Servisi d.o.o. will be the extending of financial service providing activities within INA Group in Croatia and abroad in order to enhance synergies and ensure standard financial process excellence on all INA Group companies.
Services that are carried out by the company refer to the following business activities:
  • taxes
  • general ledger
  • tangible and intangible asset accounting
  • inventory accounting
  • accounts payables/accounts receivables
  • incoming invoices
  • payroll
  • partially treasury back-office
  • partially credit risk management
  • invoicing
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