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Mission, vision and core values

INA is a modern, socially responsible and transparent company in constant dialogue with its environment, focused on sustainable development and care for the health and safety of its employees and the community as a whole. 


INA, d.d. plays a major role in the oil, oil products and gas markets in Croatia and neighbouring countries, and which is committed to creating higher value by continuously improving its business and quality of products and services.


To be a well-reputed and desirable partner that is known for its excellent products and services, for honest and nurtured relationships, and for protection of the interests of our owners, customers, employees and other partners.

Core values

In order to achieve its Mission and realise its Vision, INA has to adjust its behaviour to the expectations and goals of all concerned in INA’s activities - primarily the owners, customers, suppliers and the community in which INA operates, while taking into account the need to protect the environment and maintain a balance in nature that surrounds us.

Hence, INA’s core values are:
  • Benefits for the Owner - Achieving the profitability and value creation its share–holders and investors expect.
  • Partnership with Customers - Fulfilling its customers’ needs and expectations, and obtaining their trust and long-term loyalty.
  • Suppliers - Keeping correct relationship with suppliers.
  • Respect for Local Community - Recognisable Image - Maintaining awareness for the INA brand through close cooperation with various communities and respecting their cultural, national and regional characteristics.
  • Benefits to Employees - Creativity and Uniqueness - Recognising employees’ needs, interests and abilities through an incentive-based system for salaries and promotions, since the employees are an indispensable creative potential and form the overall support and foundation for realisation INA’s corporate goals.
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