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Fuel retail introduced at Sustjepan location as of this season

Published: 19.08.2015.
As of this season INA’s fuel storage Sustjepan near Dubrovnik offers fuel to retail customers. The storage’s potentials were thus put to additional use. The Sustjepan storage location is unique in comparison to the other boat service locations in Dubrovnik by its position and its capacity to service large boats. The storage is located at the very entrance to Rijeka Dubrovacka northwest of Dubrovnik, at a two and a half miles distance from the Dr Tudjman Bridge, and the sea along the 20-metre quayside is seven metres deep. Diesel and partly subsidised diesel (‘blue diesel’) are available to the buyers on two aggregates and four fuel dispenser locations.
The Sustjepan location functioned as a wholesale storage so far for buyers who had a contract with INA. After fiscal cash registers were introduced and the required technical infrastructure provided, INA offered the possibility of cash and card payment for fuel. INA thus simplified the service considerably, primarily for recreational boaters, but also fishermen, the police and the customs officers in Dubrovnik area.
Depending on customer interest and development plans for the nearby infrastructure, there is the possibility of expanding the offer with additional amenities and services. The Sustjepan location is open every day from 7.00 am to 3.00 pm, but also keeps flexible hours when needed, and services all types of boats. The contact number for customers is 098 243 475.
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