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Grand opening of INA’s filling station Varazdin – Krlezina after a major reconstruction

Published: 21.08.2015.
Today, after successfully finished major reconstruction, a grand opening of INA’s filling station in Krlezina street in the centre of Varazdin was held, attended by high representatives of INA and local community, but also the numerous visitors who received promotional gifts and enjoyed special actions organised by INA.
The grand opening was attended by INA’s executive director of Retail Mr. Darko Markotic, Varazdin mayor Goran Habus, prefect of Varazdin county Predrag Stromar and many others. At the ceremony, Mr. Markotic said: “As of today, our customers will be able to buy fuel at the modern, safe and well-equipped station, in addition, they will be able to do their shopping at the same place, because we offer an extended assortment of food items at favourable prices at the consumer goods store situated within the station. In that manner, we allow our customers to save time and money.
The major reconstruction of the filling station Varazdin-Krlezina, situated at the very centre of Varazdin and the most frequent filling station in the town, started in March 2015 and included the complete dismantling of the old station. The new filling station is equipped with the latest technology and was designed and constructed observing all safety regulations.
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