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Handball souvenirs for EURO 2018 in sales at INA

Published: 23.11.2017.
INA, as a general partner of the Croatian handball team at the European Handball Championship, EURO 2018 has prepared a real treat for all its customers and handball fans. Namely, at 23 of INA´s retail outlets throughout Croatia, you will be able to find a wide range of cheering props including handball jerseys, t-shirts, balls, cups, magnets, air fresheners, and more. Equip yourself at INA and be ready for the EURO 2018 which will take place in four Croatian cities - Zagreb, Split, Varaždin and Poreč!

 Additionally, tickets for the EURO 2018 are still selling at 34 selected INA´s retail outlets , while at certain Slovenian retail outlets you can buy tickets for the Slovenian handball team.
 For more information on ticket sales for the EURO 2018, as well as for cheering props, go to www.ina.hr/rukomet
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