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INA owns the largest network of modernised petrol stations in Croatia

Published: 16.05.2013.
Since the beginning of the Blue concept project in 2010 we have modernized over 100 of our petrol stations which makes INA's retail network the largest modernized retail network in the country. In 2013 we are continuing with the Project with the same intensity and activities, modernizing our petrol stations with the goal of making them stand up to the highest expectations of our customers.

Besides new visual identity of reconstructed and modernized stations, emphasis is also placed on wider offer of fuels and consumer goods, higher level of services and better technical features, which contribute to our stations’ attractiveness and makes them more comfortable places of purchase. Our stations offer a variety of EURO V quality fuels, as well as diesel fuels with bio components, that protect the environment, extend the life of motor engines, increase its power and decrease overall fuel consumption.
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