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Think green and save money – travel on vacation with INA autogas

Published: 04.06.2018.
INA has launched a new action aimed at raising awareness and encouraging development of autogas market by installing gas system in petrol vehicles. According to EU directive 2014/94, autogas is considered as an alternative fuel and compared to other fossil fuels has the least impact on the environment because it burns without smoke, soot and odors. In addition to protecting the environment and the health of people, the advantage of using autogas is also demonstrated by its cost-effectiveness - providing lower price as well as longer engine and catalyst life.

The action includes the installation of renowned LOVATO gas system, with manufacturer guarantee up to three year installation warranty, at a cost of HRK 6,500 (depending on the type of the vehicle and payment), including INA card with HRK 2,000 for autogas. The INA autogas is available for charging on a wide network of INA retail sites and its quality is in line with the European standard for the EN 589 autogas.

The offer is valid from June 1 to September 30, 2018, it is limited to 3000 vehicles, and the amount included on the card can be spent at INA’s retail sites by December 31, 2018. We have enabled payment of gas system in installments for our customers at an interest rate of 5 percent on the total amount, regardless of the number of installments. Find more information here.
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