Consumer Services & Retail

INA’s Consumer Services & Retail Business operates a regional network of 500 retail stations in Croatia and neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Montenegro. INA has a leading position in Croatia and its petrol stations are recognizable points of purchase.

INA continuously develops its retail network through capital investments into its retail stations and into improvement of service quality. Besides sale of motor fuels, at INA’s retail stations customers can also choose something from a wide spectrum of consumer goods. INA stations also provide additional services tailored to the demands and needs of customers.

In summer 2015 the offer was expanded with a new groceries program, enabling customers to buy groceries quickly and at an affordable price at any moment, and in 2016 at most retail stations along motorways a new concept was introduced – Fresh Corner, which will be expanded in the upcoming period to selected city locations as well. In the unique atmosphere of Fresh Corner customers can choose among several kinds of rich freshly prepared sandwiches and freshly baked products, as well as excellent flavoured coffee, premium tea and other high quality products.

INA retail stations offer additional services adapted to customers’ needs: carwash services, bars and restaurants and the offer is regularly updated. Also, INA implements loyalty programs, giving customers the opportunity to purchase high-quality products at convenient prices.