By signing the exploration and hydrocarbon production sharing agreement for the Drava-02 Exploration Area (10 June 2016), INA confirmed its position as the country’s leading investor. This exploration area is important for INA’s operation because it gives the company the opportunity – after almost 5 years – to once again launch a new investment cycle in hydrocarbon exploration in Croatia. The total exploration investments exceed EUR 10 million.

Before implementing the exploration projects it is necessary to conduct a number of studies and complete preparation activities, including the obtaining of permits and resolving different administrative issues stemming from specific provisions of the Agreement. The 1st phase of exploration processes will take three years and will include the drilling of exploration wells, among other activities.

INA has been present in what is today the Drava-02 Exploration Area for half the century already and possesses the experience and know-how necessary for completing all the planned works. In our business we are focused on safety, so in its E&P activities the company applies the best industrial practices in environmental protection, health and safety of people.