INA Mobile App

INA’s application will help you plan your trips – be they long or short. If you need fuel, you can quickly locate the nearest petrol station and find out about INA’s special offers, news and fuel prices. If you expect a traffic jam, get the latest traffic and weather reports from Croatia.

INA petrol station search

Displays the petrol station nearest to your current location on the map, together with its distance and how to reach it. You can easily find out about its opening hours, fuel prices and all other services available.

Fuel information

What fuels are available in INA’s retail network? What are their characteristics? Which standards do they conform to and are they really the best choice for your vehicle? Find out more about INA’s fuels under Fuel information in our app.

Traffic reports

In order to plan your trip the best you can, use traffic reports with the latest information about the situation on Croatian roads. Are there any traffic delays? Where are they? Which roads should you avoid and is there anything you should know before you set off? You are one click away from all the information you need.

Weather forecast

It’s always important to check the weather forecast before the trip, but it’s also good to know what the weather will be like at our destination. Use the Weather forecast feature to get the latest weather reports and make your trip and the stay at your destination more enjoyable.

Where did I park?

We all sometimes forget where we parked, so this feature will help you locate your vehicle, even if you’re someplace new. Just mark the location where you parked your vehicle and the app will remember the location for you.


More about what we do at INA and what we can offer you.

Special offers

Information about our prize competitions, loyalty programmes, current discounts and offers you won’t be able to refuse when you visit our retail locations – all in one place.

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