E—vignettes for Slovenian motorways and Hungarian fast roads


Slovenian vignettes

On 33 INA’s selected retail sites you can buy Slovenian vignette for personal cars and motorcycles.


Hungarian vignettes

Now you can buy Hungarian electronic vignette for vehicles of up to 3.5 tonnes at 13 retail sites.

Electronic vignettes for vehicles of up to 3.5 tonnes: The toll collection system using e-vignettes applies to motorcycles, passenger vehicles, campers and buses, as well as their trailers and trucks with maximum allowed gross weight of up to 3.5 tonnes. These vehicles may use Hungarian vignettes for motorways with toll payment exclusively after prior purchase of permits for using the roads (purchased before entering the road with toll payment), i.e. vignettes. The toll amount depends on the category and weight of the motor vehicle. The toll category is established based on the official information included in the vehicle registration document. Link to the web site: http://www.toll-charge.hu/Toll-tariffs/

Electronic vignettes for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes: E-toll & Toll payment for vehicle categories J2, J3 and J4 (HU-GO) are currently not available at INA’s retail sites. For further information where and how to buy vignettes for these vehicle categories, please refer to the web site: http://www.toll-charge.hu/Electronic-toll/