INA is the leading company in the petroleum industry in Croatia and in the region. On December 31, 2018 INA Group employed a total of 10,842 people.

INA’s success is based on its educated, creative and innovative personnel. The understanding that people are an inexhaustible development resource and capital determines our business conduct, organizational and management structure and all organizational processes. Due to the large number of activities, INA employs a fascinating range of professionals whose expertise ranges from technical to commercial areas. Thanks to its financial power, accumulated know-how and market experience, INA is one of the few companies in the region with an ideal environment for the development of all your potentials.

INA is the winner of the Employer Partner Certificate which is awarded for excellence in human resources management. The primary purpose of the Employer Partner Certificate project is to identify and give prominence to organizations with quality human resources management and to advocate and implement standards which demonstrably and meaningfully advance business results and work quality. Having met the certification criteria, INA deserved to hold the Employer Partner title and has thus joined the companies which share the best practices in human resources management.