Youth projects

As one of Croatia’s leading companies, which is playing a major role in the country’s economy, INA is trying to stay open to young educated experts, providing them support while they are still in school, through a range of scholarship programmes and other initiatives that motivate them to keep learning. Upon graduating, they are given a chance to kick-off their careers in INA.

Along with continuous investments in education and student incentives aimed at providing a source of young experts in the future, the Group also closes strategic partnerships with the key stakeholders in education, universities, associations and other organisations. As a proof of successful cooperation, INA has been working with students for years, taking part in or organising a number of projects aimed at the student population. Among others, in 2015 the company signed cooperation contracts with four student associations: eStudent, AIESEC Croatia, and BEST.

After having gotten close to students through many successful programmes, INA expanded its initiative to include high school students, in order to get them interested in natural sciences from the STEM field already at this young age, driving them to learn more. As a result of such efforts, we closed cooperation with the leading high school portal