Our stakeholders

For sustainable development it is extremely important to establish and continuously tend to the dialogue with individuals and groups inside and outside of INA to which INA’s activities and products may have or has an impact. In INA we have identified the following stakeholder groups: INA’s shareholders, employees, unions, capital market, local communities and authorities, suppliers, partners, media, civic organizations, customers, consumers.

INA Group companies use the received stakeholders’ feedback in identifying key strategic issues and focus on sustainability topics that are of the utmost importance to the company and its stakeholders. Answers, comments and suggestions gathered through consultation and dialogue with opinion makers and representatives of major interest groups are used as a valuable source of information for planning activities, revision of external communications and the preparation of sustainability reports.

INA informs, advises, negotiates and proactively follows the expectations of its stakeholders in relation to the success of sustainability through a variety of channels of involvement, such as strategic cooperation, meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops, round tables, research and similar platforms.

Level of involvementInvolvement methods
(Limited two-way involvement, INA asks questions, stakeholders answer and vice versa)
  • Surveys
  • Individual interviews
  • Meetings with selected individuals / groups
  • Public meetings
  • Advisory bodies
  • Free telephone line
(two-way and multiple inclusion: the result is learning on both sides, but all participants operate independently)
  • Stakeholders’ forums
  • Advisory panels
  • Process of building the consensus
  • Processes of joint decision
  • Programs for feedback on the Internet (discussion forums, etc.)
  • Workshops
(One or more parties are included in conversation to discuss an issue with the aim of achieving mutual agreement)
  • The collective negotiations with unions
  • Negotiations on contracts
(two-way or multiple inclusion, mutual learning, decision making and activities)
  • Joint projects
  • Joint ventures
  • Partnerships
  • Initiative of multiple stakeholder groups

Our cooperation and memberships in associations

INA is a member of the UN Global Compact (UNGC) since 2007, and since 2011 a member of the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development.

INA is also a permanent member of the World Petroleum Congress and its National Committee as well as the World Energy Conference. INA’s experts actively participate in the work of state administration bodies. INA’s employees are members of national and international professional associations and are active participants in national and international conferences, seminars, workshops and other gatherings. INA’s employees are members of the management and supervisory boards of associations where they actively participate in policy-making and legislation.

INA memberships can be found in INA Group annual report.