INA Card

INA Card

INA card can be used safely for purchase of fuel and services, as well as FMCG, with records and control in real time, as well as overview and archive of all previous expenses. It can be used:

  • At 400 points of sale in Croatia
  • In the region – Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic
  • For paying road, tunnel and bridge fees at all motorways in Croatia, as well as for linking permanent money orders related to ETC payments.

List of points of sale

Benefits and options:

  • Monthly bill with specification of all expenses
  • Transactional payment of expenses (cashless transactions)
  • Managing cards issued for use
  • Managing daily and monthly use of INA card
  • Free of charge support of the INA card authorization center staff, non-stop

Online services
Members can use INA card free of charge online services which enables aggregated download of e-files, fast and simple overview of expenses and insight into balance, monthly limit balance and the option of setting limits for individual cards, overview of past expenses and downloading billing items for further use.

Also, you can activate e-bill, as well as delivery of various transaction specifications and currently if you activate the e-bill option the annual use of INA card is free of charge.