Euro V on 400 INA's fuel stations

Published: 06.07.2010.

With the beginning of July INA finished the process of EURO V fuels introduction on its fuel stations. The new products Eurosuper 95 BS and Eurodiesel BS are the high quality fuels with up to 10 mg/kg of sulphur which comply fully with European standards EN 228 and EN 590.

The conversion process to Euro V began on April 1 and then gradually continued over time to 400 fuel stations.  On these stations Eurosuper 95 and Eurodiesel were replaced with Eurosuper 95 BS and Eurodiesel BS. The offer on the market aims at full effectiveness of devices for treatment of exhaust gases installed in vehicles in order to reduce emissions that have an impact on the environment. This is the result of our efforts in protecting the environment and the process of modernization of both INA refineries, which is in progress since 2005.

„New products, Eurosuper 95 BS and Eurodiesel BS, have successfully contributed to the offer on our fuel stations. With this high quality and environment friendly products INA is meeting highest European standards and responding to constant and rapid changes on the market as well as to high expectations of our customers”.– said Mr. László Bartha, Executive Director for Retail in INA.

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