Participate in sourcing events

In case you are invited to a INA Group Sourcing Event, you will receive the Event invitation in you SAP Ariba Network Supplier Account. Upon login, you will complete the forms, attach required documents and submit your answer.


Recive invitation to sourcing event (RFX)

Login to your SAP Ariba Network Supplier account and access the RFX event (see “Events” menu) you have been invited to by INA Group Procurement.


Review sourcing event content

In the RFX event, review the checklist of steps and Sourcing Event content.

In case there is a step “Review and Accept Prerequisites”, please start here. View Bidder Agreement and Confirm your acceptance.

Download, sign and attach the Statement of Confidentiality.


Submit your response

Fill out remaining sections of the RFX and submit your response.

View status of your response in Events menu from your SAP Ariba Network account.


Additional info/rounds

INA Group Procurement will contact you in case any additional information is required or additional Sourcing Event rounds.