A smart alternative! Travel and save with INA LPG!

This autumn and winter, INA is staying true to tradition and once again launching the successful Travel and save with INA LPG campaign. As part of the campaign, which aims to raise awareness and encourage growth of LPG market, customers can install gas systems in their petrol vehicles. Autogas is considered an alternative fuel and, compared to other fossil fuels, it has the smallest impact on the environment since it combusts without smoke, soot and odors. The advantage of using LPG is also demonstrated in its cost-effectiveness – primarily its lower price and the fact it ensures longer engine and catalyst life.

The campaign includes the installation of top-quality gas system, offering up two to five years installation warranty, at a cost of HRK 6,500*, which includes an INA card with HRK 2,000 for LPG purchases. The quality of INA LPG, available at INA’s retail sites, is in line with the European standard for the EN 589 autogas.

The promotional offer is valid from October 1 to December 31, 2020, with the credit on INA card (HRK 2,000) staying available for purchases at INA’s retail sites within one year from the date of card activation.

*one-time cash payment, four-cylinder vehicles, the price depends on the selected gas system