About INA

Production systems engineering

Onshore production

  • For more than 70 years we have produced oil, natural gas and condensate from onshore fields
  • INA operates its own infrastructure and all necessary equipment for the integrated production process
    • The entire process from production, gathering and treatment of hydrocarbons, to crude oil conditioning for transportation to a refinery, and natural gas delivery into the Croatia’s transmissions system or direct sales to customers
    • Infrastructure includes: production, injection and observation wells; metering, gathering, compression, processing and transportation stations; tanks; pipeline network and major gas processing and fractionation facilities
    • Gas Processing Facilities Molve – central facility for processing produced gas to reach the quality acceptable for end customers, while carbon dioxide previously removed from the gas mixture is used for EOR Project purposes and is injected and permanently stored in depleted oil reservoirs
    • Fractionation Facilities Ivanić-Grad – facility for processing and fractionation of gases from oil and gas-condensate fields where final products include natural gas for distribution (mixture of methane, ethane and propane), and individual gases: propane, butane, isobutane, n-butane, isopentane and natural gasoline

Offshore production

  • We have been producing natural gas from Adriatic fields for more than 20 years 
  • INA is a sole operator of two exploitation fields, North Adriatic and Marica. In the exploitation field Izabela INA cooperates with Energean through joint operating company ED-INA.
  • INA operates its own infrastructure and all equipment necessary for the integrated production process including gas production, compression and processing platforms, and a sea-line network 

International operations

  • Long history of exploration and production in 20 foreign countries.
  • INA has one operated and five non-operated concessions in Egypt and two in Angola.


Presence in Egypt since 1989. Six concessions comprising 12 oil fields:

  • INA Operator: East Yidma concession,
  • INA Partner: Production concessions North Bahariya, Ras Qattara and West Abu Gharadig, and exploration concession East Damanhur and East Bir El Nus.

EOR Project

  • INA is among few European companies which successfully implement EOR (enhanced oil recovery) method.
  • EOR method involves water alternating CO2 injection in partially depleted mature oil reservoirs where physical and chemical mechanisms result in oil production increase and incremental recovery.
  • The project has an important environmental aspect as it involves injection and permanent underground storage of CO2, which reduces air emissions.
  • EOR has been implemented in the Ivanić field since 2014, and in the Žutica field since 2015. In 2021, the EOR pilot project in the Šandrovac field began.
  • Annually, we dispose more than 15% of annual CO2 emissions from cars in Croatia.