Consumer services

You can use a wide range of services at our retail sites.

Car wash

Along with a wide selection of consumer goods, a full range of oils and lubricants, vehicle car products, car supplies, bottled gas and other services, at INA’s retail sites you can also use the car wash. Our friendly and experienced staff will be happy to help you wash your car by choosing between several different washing programmes. At selected retail sites you can choose between self-service or automated car wash.

From now on, all INA’s car wash services will use high-quality Kiehl chemicals made in Germany, to ensure perfect results with every wash!

Automatic car wash:

CAR WASH Street City
Čakovec-Zrinsko-Frankopanska Ulica Zrinsko-Frankopanska 18 Čakovec
Delnice Lujzinska cesta 4 Delnice
Đakovo-Nazorova Vladimira Nazora 70 Đakovo
Koprivnica-Kolodvorska Kolodvorska 33 Koprivnica
Osijek-Svačićeva Svačićeva 65 Osijek
Pazin Miroslava Bulešića 1a Pazin
Sesvete-jug Zagrebačka cesta 19 Sesvete
Sesvetski Kraljevec Selska 16 Sesvete
Sisak-Zagrebačka Zagrebačka cesta 44 Sisak
Slavonski Brod-Svačićeva Ulica Petra Svačića 4 Slavonski Brod
Solin-Meterize Splitska cesta 5 Solin
Zagreb-Dubrava Dankovečka 2 Zagreb


Self-service car wash:

CAR WASH Street City
Benkovac-Šopotska Šopotska 1a Benkovac
Drniš Put Ivana Meštrovića 10 Drniš
Kutina-Posavskoga Kneza Ljudevita Posavskog 41 Kutina
Nova Gradiška-Relkovićeva Matije Antuna Relkovića 13/a Nova Gradiška
Omiš Vukovarska 5 Omiš
Osijek-Vinkovačka Vinkovačka cesta 59/a Osijek
Požega-Industrijska Industrijska 15 Požega
Požega-Zagrebačka Zagrebačka 181 Požega
Slavonski Brod-Svačićeva Ulica Petra Svačića 4 Slavonski Brod
Zadar I-zapad Zaseok Grgurice 1b Posedarje
Zagreb-Dubrava Dankovečka 2 Zagreb

Vignettes (SLO/HU)

Slovenian vignettes

Slovenian vignettes for passenger cars and motorcycles can be purchased at 31 of INA’s retail sites.

Hungarian e-vignettes

Hungarian e-vignettes for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes are available at 10 retail sites.

  • E-vignettes for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes: The toll collection system via e-vignettes applies to motorcycles, cars, campers and buses and their trailers, as well as freight vehicles with a maximum permitted gross weight of up to 3.5 tonnes. These vehicles are allowed to use Hungarian toll roads only with the prior purchase of road permits or e-vignettes (purchased before entering the toll road). The amount of tolls depends on the category of motor vehicle and the duration of the e-vignette. The toll category for a specific vehicle depends on the number of passengers and the vehicle weight. The road toll category is determined on the basis of the official data contained in the vehicle registration certificate. Link to website:
  • E-vignettes for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes: E-toll & Toll payment for vehicle categories J2, J3 and J4 (HU-GO) are not available for purchase at INA’s retail sites at this time. For further information on how and where to purchase vignettes for these vehicle categories, please refer to


An ENC device top-up using ENC SMS vouchers is available at all INA’s retail sites. The ENC device can no longer be purchased at our stations.

Gift cards

If you are not sure what to give a dear person, you can never go wrong with a gift card. They are available at selected INA retail stations.

SuperCard gift cards

A person given a SuperCard gift card can use it as they wish, choosing a store such as DM, L’Occitane, Tom Tailor, S. Oliver, Intersport, Mikronis and many others. SuperCard gift cards are available in different values from HRK 100 to 500. For more information, please visit

SelectBox gift boxes

Is there a more beautiful gift than freedom of choice? SelectBox with a gift voucher is a unique gift that can be used for a number of different experiences Croatia and Slovenia. In total, SelectBox offers more than 1,800 different experiences through 14 thematic packages in tourism and travel, beauty and health, sport and adrenaline and gourmet experiences. SelectBox is a perfect gift for anyone and for any occasion. For more information, please visit

SeletCard Global value vouchers

PSelectCard Global offers unlimited possibilities. If you are looking to give a gift to a fan of World of Tanks, PlayStation, or online shopping, look no further than SeletCardGlobal. Value vouchers are available in amounts from HRK 100 to 500 and are printed at the cash register of selected stores.


Aircash is the only cash wallet to which customers can instantly deposit or from which they can withdraw a desired amount of money, send it to friends or family, or pay for services such as games, lottery, tolls, vouchers, etc.

You can learn more about Aircashapp.

Download the app.

At all INA’s retail sites across Croatia, make an instant Aircash deposit and withdrawal.


To deposit money on your Aircash wallet, you need to:

  • Click Deposit on the home screen,
  • Choose cash deposit method,
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit on your Aircash wallet.

By clicking the Deposit button, you will receive a deposit barcode that you need to show to staff at any of INA’s retail sites, who will scan it and the money will be instantly transferred to your Aircash wallet, completely free of charge.

You can learn more about making deposits at


To withdraw money from your Aircash wallet, you need to:

  • Click Withdraw on the home screen,
  • Choose cash withdrawal method,
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw from your Aircash wallet.

By clicking the Withdraw button, you will receive a withdrawal barcode that you need to show to staff at any of INA’s retail sites. They will scan it and pay you the selected amount immediately.

You can learn more about making withdrawals at


A-Bon is a paper voucher issued by Aircash that is used for making online payments without having to provide your personal or bank data.

A-Bon is available in the amounts of HRK 25, HRK 50, HRK 100, HRK 200 and HRK 500 and is available at all INA’s retail sites across Croatia. It can be used to top-up Supersport, PSK and Admiral user accounts.

By purchasing A-bon, you will receive a paper voucher with a 16-digit code. On the SuperSportPrva Sportska Kladionica (PSK) or Admiral user pages, choose A-bon deposit and enter the 16-digit code from the voucher. The funds will be credited to your account immediately and be available to use.

You can learn more at

Collect your parcels (DPD)

Your working hours and schedule make it difficult for you to receive a parcel? Do not worry! Collecting your parcels has never been easier! In cooperation with DPD, experts in parcel delivery, we have introduced an option of collecting parcels delivered via DPD at all our retail sites. Now you can complete all your duties and collect your parcel stressfree because the deadline for the parcel collection is 7 calendar days!

Prior to the parcel delivery, you will receive a text message/email with the delivery date and a link to the portal via which you can change the date or address of the delivery – all you need to do is click the link and choose delivery to the desired INA retail sites via the portal! On top of that, you can track the exact location of the parcel during the entire delivery process.

Choose the nearest INA retail site and collect your parcel where it suits you best!

Bill payment

At the selected INA retail sites, you can pay your 2D barcode bills in a simple, quick and safe way. The bills can be paid solely in cash at a favourable fee of HRK 2.50.

How to pay bills?

  • hand 2D barcode bills over to a cashier
  • the cashier will scan them just as any other product
  • after the payment is made, you will receive a receipt of paid bills for your records.

Save time and pay bills at INA’s retail sites at a favourable fee!

Croatian Lottery

At our retail sites you can play the Croatian Lottery games and receive a confirmation of payment, or you can buy CL vouchers in denominations of HRK 25, 50, 100, 200 or 500 to play online. The offer includes Eurojackpot, Lotto 7, Lotto 6, Bingo, Keno and Lottery. Winnings of up to HRK 20,000 are paid out at points of sale of Croatian Lottery and authorized partners, and winnings of up to HRK 1,000,000 at Croatian Lottery regional home offices. All winnings, regardless of the amount, can be collected at the Croatian Lottery home office in Zagreb. A novelty in our offer is the possibility of paying out winnings of up to HRK 750.

The list of retail outlets offering Croatian Lottery’s games of chance.

Try your luck at our retail sites!


You can buy paysafecard at INA’s retail sites and pay with it online the same way you would do with cash.

Pay easily – by entering a 16-digit PIN code – or register for a personal online payment account my paysafecard, upload your PIN codes and then pay using only your username and password. Online payment is done without have to provide unncessary personal or bank details.

Buy a paysafecard PIN code worth HRK 50, 100, 200 or 500 at our retail sites and use it to pay in thousands of online stores.

Find more information at