Aviation fuel

For many years, a team of experts in the Commercial  has been supplying airplanes at seven biggest airports in Croatia – Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Krk, Pula, and Osijek.
Five of the above airports are located at the coast, in the vicinity of main tourist destinations. INA’s task is to provide sufficient supply of high-quality fuel for all aircrafts using it, which implies the availability of sufficient storage capacities, tank trucks and other equipment, as well as an adequate number of trained staff.
To provide a safe and regular supply, INA has its own storage capacities in all the above airports, except in Dubrovnik, where capacities are owned by the Dubrovnik Airport.

INA’s aviation services are selling two types of aviation fuel:

JET FUEL is a primary oil distillation liquid product with the minimum sulphur content to prevent corrosion and protect the environment. In order to improve the application properties, additives are added to fuel to improve its stability and conductivity and prevent freezing, along with metal deactivators and viscosity improvers. It is used to power turbojet and turbo-propeller motors. It meets the following requirements: IATA, AVIATION FUEL QUALITY REQUIREMENTS FOR JOINTLY OPERATED SYSTEMS, Defence Standard 91-91/Issue 9, TURBINE FUEL, AVIATION KEROSINE TYPE, JET A-1, and the INA N 02-003 standard.

AB 100 LL
AAVIATION PETROL is a liquid oil product that INA d.d. does not produce, but imports and sells it. It is used to power new generation aviation piston engines. It meets the Defence Standard 91-90/Issue 3 and INA N 02-019 specifications.

Since 2019, INA has joined the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as a strategic partner. 

Aviation fuel

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