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From the very beginning, INA has been publishing various publications: newspapers, handbooks, books, monographs, annual business and environmental reports, glossaries, catalogues, etc.

INA Vjesnik – today known as INA Glasnik – has the longest tradition of publishing as it has been issued since 1964, when the company was established. In INA Library many professional and cultural works, more than 100 editions, have been published since 1980, mostly written by INA employees.

INA has been publishing non-financial reports since 1997, among the first ones in Croatia, and since 2004, with only several other Croatian companies, we have been publishing the Social Report in accordance with the GRI guidelines. Since 2007, INA’s Sustainability Report complies with the G3 GRI methodology, thereby unifying the social and environmental protection reporting. For the first time, Sustainability Report for 2014, is integrated with the Annual financial report, which shows the importance of Sustainable development in INA Group.