Public tenders

Important documents

General terms and conditions for the procurement in INA Group companies

These General Terms and Conditions for the Procurement contain general rules and conditions under which INA Group companies, as Purchasers, procure the required Services and Works from Contractors, or buy Goods from Sellers, based on individual Contracts/Purchase Orders.

Notice on conflict of interest prevention

Pursuant to Article 13 of Public Procurement Act (Official Gazette 90/11), for the purpose of prevention of conflict of interest in public procurement procedures.

Standard forms for reporting on investment projects implementation

For all investment projects at INA, d.d., for which implementation the Investment and Maintenance Management Sector is in charge, after concluding a contract with an external partner for design engineering or procurement and supply of material and equipment and work execution, after a kick-off meeting with INA Implementation Team, the selected external partner has to report on the project implementation progress using standard forms.

Contractors and HSE in INA Group

Please be informed that our work safety regulation affecting Contractors and subcontractors was updated in 2014. Therefore, we kindly ask that you go through the changes summarized below and inform your subcontractor(s) about these changes.