Private customers

INA, d.d. sells and distributes Euro fuel oil extra light, eurodiesel BS Blue and LPG to residents across Croatia, at sales prices valid on the day of delivery.
Payment is made when fuel is delivered, in cash or by American and Diners credit cards. Card payment is available in up to 6 instalments when purchasing fuel oil extra light and LPG.

Eurodiesel BS Blue is sold exclusively to GPR card holders with available volumes.

How to order

  • Toll-free number: 0800-0809 (euro fuel oil extra light and eurodiesel BS Blue)
  • Online orders (all products)

Complaints can be submitted at:

Avenija V. Holjevca 10
10000 ZAGREB
Komercijalni poslovi,
Prodaja goriva i specijalnih proizvoda

When filing a complaint, please provide the following details:

  • First and last name, address and contact number/e-mail of the person making a complaint;
  • First and last name, OIB number, address of the recipient of goods (if different from the person filing a complaint);
  • Reason for complaint;
  • Date of delivery;
  • Type and volume of goods;
  • Account number and, if possible, a copy of the invoice and other relevant documents

In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act a response to a complaint shall be sent within 15 days from the day of receiving the complaint.