Sustainable development

Health protection and promotion

The common objective of health protection and promotion in our company are the basic human and life values; the protection, preservation and improvement of our employees’ health.


The old folk saying “better safe than sorry” might best describe the importance of health protection. Medical examinations and expert advice with the aim of prevention and timely identification of illnesses and treatment are the basis of preventing damage to employee health and a reduced quality of life. In addition to medical examinations, which are a legal requirement, we provide our employees with screenings for major illnesses, as well as the service “Ask our doctors” for professional advice and consultation with contracted  occupational medicine specialists via e-mail or in person.


Health promotion represents activities that enable the employees to actively participate in improving their own health and increasing the control over the factors defining the health.

  • Medically Programmed Active Vacation (MPAV) and Health Programmed Active Vacation (HPAV):The MPAV is a ten-day prevention programme, and the HPAV is a five-day prevention programme that include measures and procedures for medical rehabilitation, that is, physical and mental relaxation, and are performed in special hospitals for medical rehabilitation and treatment centers with the primary objective of prevention and the preservation and improvement of employee health and their working abilities.
  • Stress prevention: With the aim of raising awareness and educating the employees on how to effectively manage stress both in the workplace and in the private life, we have been conducting the campaign “Less stress” since 2014, which includes interactive lectures and trainings by occupational medicine specialists and educated coaches-psychologists.
  • Other activities in the field of health promotion include a wide range of activities aimed at preventing major diseases, addictions, work-related injuries, and providing recommendations for healthier living and working environment, as well as participation in sports and recreational activities.

More about Health protection and promotion you can read in INA’s annual report.


Under the slogan “Everyone can save a human life”, in addition to complying with the legal minimum, refreshment courses in first aid with special emphasis on the effective recognition of cardiac arrest and resuscitation are also performed as internal education for all interested employees on an annual basis.