About INA

Mission, vision and values

INA is a modern, socially responsible and transparent company in constant dialogue with its environment, focused on sustainable development and care for the health and safety of its employees and the community as a whole.


INA, d.d. plays a major role in the oil, oil products and gas markets in Croatia and neighbouring countries, and which is committed to creating higher value by continuously improving its business and quality of products and services.


To be a well-reputed and desirable partner that is known for its excellent products and services, for honest and nurtured relationships, and for protection of the interests of our owners, customers, employees and other partners.

Core values

At INA Group we all share four main values that are just as important at our sites as they are in our offices or at any of our retail sites. Values lead us to make the right decisions, support us in our everyday work, help us create the corporate culture we desire and enable us to transform INA Group for the better.

  • PEOPLE – We put people first

INA Group is a people-driven company – our colleagues are the foundation our business is built on.

  • CUSTOMERS – All for the customer, and for the customer all

Customer service is not a department – it is part of our brand DNA.

  • OWNERSHIP – Our company, our responsibility

We empower and inspire each other. This is what makes INA Group dynamic and forward-thinking.

  • AGILITY – We drive the change that will shape our future

We make sure we are relevant in new situations, and do things better to take the lead.