About INA


Fuel activities are aimed at managing the fuel value chain of the INA Group, including market supply, sales optimization and sales activities in all Refining and Marketing markets; managing the realization of the maximum margin on fuels in cooperation with the Value Chain Management organizational unit and coordination of the management of fuels, fuel cards, compliance in the form of biofuels and coordination of the management of other processing products across the INA Group.

The activity covers the management of the product portfolio, which includes motor gasoline and components, diesel and other gas oils, LPG, fuel oil, marine fuel, sulphur, coke and biofuels and the management of fuel cards.

Also, this organizational unit manages commercial projects, sales development, and sales process support activities.

Fuels Trading ensures continuous supply of our markets and creation of alternative supply routes. Managing supply and sales of JET, bitumen, fuel oils, coke and sulfur on domestic and regional markets.