Oils and lubricants 

INA’s oils and lubricants owe their top quality to tradition, know-how and experience, development and improvement of products and processes and constant care for users. Our products can hold their own against matching products of the world’s most renowned companies. Detailed information on INA’s oil and lubricants production programme can be found on the website of the manufacturer, INA MAZIVA d.o.o., a member of INA Group: 

Oils and lubricants – green products 

Green products, as we like to call them, are quickly degradable lubricants that break down in a very short period of time after coming in contact with the environment, breaking down to simple and environmentally harmless compounds. 

New sanitisers product line 

INA is currently selling several sanitisers manufactured at INA Maziva – surface sanitiser INA Dezinol, hand sanitiser INA Dezinol Plus and sanitiser wet wipes. 

All sanitisers are available at INA retail locations as part of the INA Cosmetx line. 

Soft packaging on the market 

As of recently, soft packaging products can be found at INA retail outlets throughout Croatia. At present, INA Autoglass, INA Distilled Water and AdBlue are available to customers. Learn more