About INA


Key disciplines:

    Since 1954 we have processed more than 108,000 km of 2D and 15,000 km² of 3D seismic data.
    Experience from the Pannonian Basin, Dinarides, Adriatic, Syria, Kurdistan, Pakistan, Albania, Namibia, Iran, Egypt, Angola and the North Sea.

Onshore exploration

INA has licenses for exploration and production of hydrocarbons in four exploration areas covering almost 8,400 km2.

  • Drava-02: As a result of exploration operations carried out until now, INA has made two commercial discoveries, natural gas in the Severovci-1 well and oil in the Jankovac-1 well. Activities for obtaining all permits required for bringing these fields into production are currently under way.
  • Drava-03: Exploration activities are ongoing, and Q1 2021 was marked by completion of 3D seismic survey carried out with the most advanced technology on two polygons covering the total area of 600 km2, which was the single largest seismic acquisition project in Croatian history. After processing and interpretation of acquired data it is expected to identify new prospects and delineate locations for further exploratory drilling.
  • Northwestern Croatia-01: In 2021, a 3D seismic over the area of ​​150 km2 was carried out, and geological and geophysical studies are being prepared, as a basis for exploratory drilling.
  • Dinarides-14: As part of the first research phase, specialist geological studies are being prepared based on recorded magnetotelluric measurements, which enable the collection of data on underground structures at great depths. After the conducted geological-geophysical interpretations, a decision will be made on further activities in this currently underexplored area with potentials yet to be determined.