INA Card

INA Card is an international card intended for legal entities that can be used at all points of sale of INA, d.d., as well as at other points of sale bearing the sign of INA Card in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro. INA Card provides you complete security, a fast and good-quality service and above all – it saves time. Convince yourselves of its value! Find out more.

Central Testing Laboratory

The Central Testing Laboratory (CTL) as an independent INA laboratory provides services of laboratory analysis of crude oils, petroleum products, commercial fuels, biofuels, waters, soils and wastes. Find out more.

Wholesale services

One of INA’s activities is the promotion of products on the market, that is, the sale of refinery products to end users. INA conducts wholesale through the Commercial Sector within the Refining and Marketing Business Division. The main responsibilities of the Sector are the sale of fuels, LPG, aviation fuels and lubricants in the domestic and foreign markets, which integrates all the functions of INA’s wholesale distribution of petroleum products. Find out more.

Aftersale service of lubricants

Modern and efficient sales of lubricants today are unthinkable without the quality technical support from experts with extensive knowledge and experience and quality and certified laboratories. For our customers this means that we are available even after the sale to answer any necessary questions, and finally we also offer the service of disposal of used products as waste.

Waste disposal

INA organized disposal of waste oils and other oily waste in order to reduce the risk to the environment and human health as much as possible. You can deliver waste lubricating oil free of charge at authorized concessionaires. INA enables all of its customers the service of removal and disposal of oily waste plastic packaging and oily waste for which there are special containers.

Quality control