INA Card 

INA Card is an international card intended for legal entities and can be used at all INA, d.d. points of sale, as well as at other points of sale carrying the INA Card sign in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, and Montenegro. INA Card provides complete security, fast and quality service and above all – saves time. See more

Central Testing Laboratory 

The Central Testing Laboratory as an independent laboratory of INA, d.d. provides laboratory analysis of crude oil and petroleum products, commercial fuels, biofuel, water, soil and waste. See more

Wholesale services 

INA, d.d. is a medium-sized European oil company with a leading role in the oil business in Croatia and a significant role in the region and in foreign markets. As the leading oil company in Croatia, we are proud to supply residents and businesses in Croatia and the region with various types of fuel for more than fifty years. Constantly investing in development and raising the quality of our products, we strive to win and maintain the trust of our loyal customers and end consumers. Over the years, we have managed to develop a well-organised wholesale market and an extensive network of service stations, where we offer various types of motor fuels, products such as LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), marine fuels, aviation fuels, fuel oils, and bitumen. 

We are also present in foreign oil and petroleum products markets, taking care of the supply of our refinery with crude oil and raw materials and marketing petroleum products to distant destinations. 

The quality of our products is in line with European directives and standards. 

On the road, at work or in your home, we want to offer you quality and safe energy. 

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After-sales lubricants service 

It is hard to imagine a modern and efficient sales of lubricants today without the capable technical support of experts with wide knowledge and experience and quality certified laboratories. For our customers, this means that after the sale we are available to them for all questions and eventually we also offer them the service of disposal of used products as waste. 

Waste disposal 

INA has organised the disposal of waste oils and other oily waste in order to minimise the hazard to the environment and human health. Waste lubrication oil can be delivered free of charge to authorised dealers. At all its service stations, INA offers to its customers the service of transporting and disposing of oily plastic packaging and oily waste, using special containers.