Accreditations, authorisations and systems

Croatian Accreditation Agency

CIL has been accredited since 2002. according to the requirements of the HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard. (Accreditation Certificate No. 1020). Scope of accreditation: testing of liquid petroleum products and bio-fuels, sampling at gas stations, testing of water and waste, and sampling of wastewater.

CIL was assigned a flexible scope of accreditation, and it was defined in the attachment to the Accreditation Certificate in such a way that the year of publication for those test methods for which it was assigned is not stated. The mark next to the test methods refers to the stated text: “The application of the latest editions of standards for test methods for which the year of publication is not marked is allowed”.

CIL was assigned an authorization of the Ministry of Agriculture to perform wastewater sampling and testing of water (ground, surface and waste water). Decision on fulfillment of special conditions (May 11, 2015, Class: UP/I-325-01/14-01/04), valid until May 11, 2025.