For Shareholders

INA – Industrija nafte, d.d. was officially listed on the Zagreb Stock Exchange on 30 November 2006 with ticker symbol INA-R-A.

The company’s share capital is divided into 10,000,000 ordinary shares with every share carrying one vote, dividend right and a nominal value of EUR 120.00.

INA’s ownership structure is as follows:

• MOL Nyrt.: 4,908,207 shares

• Government of the Republic of Croatia: 4,483,552 shares

• Institutional and private investors: 608,241 shares

Further details on the top 10 shareholders can be found at under section TOP 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ticker symbol for INA, d.d. shares?

The ticker for INA, d.d. shares is INA-R-A

Where can INA, d.d. shares be purchased/sold?

Shares are traded on the regulated financial market, i.e. the Zagreb Stock Exchange. All acquisition or disposal transactions are made through brokers who are members of the Zagreb Stock Exchange. An authorized broker should be selected, an account opened, and the broker should be given an order for the acquisition or disposal of shares. The list of authorized brokers may be found on the Zagreb Stock Exchange website

Where to find the latest market price of INA shares?

The share price may be viewed on the Zagreb Stock Exchange website

How to make a transfer of securities based on an inheritance decision?

A transfer of securities on the basis of an inheritance decision is done by the Central Clearing Depositary Company, Heinzelova 62a, 10002 Zagreb,

Contact for investors

Tel: +385 1 459 2718