Safety data sheets

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) provides detailed information on the substance or mixture that is used in the workplace. It provides both employers and employees access to data on chemical hazards, including environmental hazards, as well as precautionary measures.

In addition the SDS contains information for the other participants in the supply chain. Thus, certain information may be addressed to those who are associated with the transport of dangerous chemicals, with the prompt response in case of an accident (including Poison center), with the professional use of pesticides and with end users.
In accordance with REACH Regulation, SDS must be submitted before product is placed into market in the official language of the country where the substance or mixture is placed on the market, unless the country is not stipulated otherwise. In the Republic of Croatia stipulates that the SDS must be written in Latin script in the Croatian language. Additionally, in Croatia SDS must be introduced into the Registry of SDS’s at the Croatian Institute for Toxicology and Antidoping.

For all INA commercial products are prepared safety data sheets that contain basic information about the product, risk data, recommendations on safety measures, and transport information. On the packaging there are hazard pictograms.

SDSs for INA products are available on this site, and for additional information please contact us at

Safety data sheetPDF
Atmospheric residueOpen
Aviation Turbine FuelOpen
Croatian crude oil blendOpen
Decanted oilOpen
Diesel fuelOpen
Distillate Marine FuelsOpen
FCC GasolineOpen
Fuel oilsOpen
Fuel oil – extra light, FO ELOpen
Gasoline components isomerisateOpen
Gas CondensateOpen
Heavy vacuum gas oilOpen
Heavy ReformatOpen
Liquefied petroleum gas Purified Normal ButaneOpen
Liquefied Petroleum gas Propane – Propene MixtureOpen
Liquefied petroleum gas Purified ButaneOpen
Liquefied petroleum gas Purified IsobutaneOpen
Liquefied Petroleum gas Propane – Butane mixture, Propane rich mixture, autogasOpen
Liquified Petroleum gas Purified PropaneOpen
Propylene (Propene)Open
Moslavina Crude oilOpen
Natural petrolOpen
Panon crude oilOpen
Podravina mix crude oilOpen
Reformer feedOpen
Residual Marine FuelsOpen
Slavonija Crude oilOpen
Sulphur (Molten)Open
Unleaded PetrolsOpen
Virgin naphthaOpen