INA-Industrija nafte, d.d. set up an electronic invoicing system with the biggest retail suppliers already in 2012, in particular through the implementation of the EDI method.
Suppliers of INA retail network have recognized the benefits of electronic exchange of documents via the EDI method, and the number of business partners included in the electronic exchnage increases each year. One of the main goals of the implementation of the EDI method is a complete cancellation of the exchange of paper documents, including invoices, which has been carried out with several business partners, and INA continues to aspire to such practice.
In 2017 the exchange of e-invoices also expanded to the outgoing channel and INA enabled sending of e-invoices to its customers.
In 2018 INA continues with active receiving and sending of e-invoices with the goal for this to become the primary form of exchange with business partners.

Privacy Policy

E-invoice exchange methods that we apply:

  • EDI method
  • previously signed EDI agreement
  • e-invoice archiving

For more information please contact us at EDI@ina.hr.

  • Advanced electronic signature method
  • e-invoice signed via application certificate and authorized with time stamp
  • e-invoice archiving
  • exchange via information intermediary

For more information please contact us at ina.obavijesti@ina.hr.

Technical and other details:

  • exchange of e-invoices is carried out via a structured invoice form (XML format, UBL 2.0 standards)
  • e-invoice contains all mandatory elements defined by the valid legal regulations.

The e-invoice system introduction contributes to automation and acceleration of processes, speed and safety of the invoices delivery, enhancement of the up-to-dateness and accuracy of processing and easier search of archived invoices.
In today’s business environment, when fast and efficient processes within an organization are of key importance for success and enhancement of competitiveness, INA has joined the latest business trends with its strategic process digitalization orientation.