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Rijeka Refinery Upgrade Project

We are committed to the transformation of the refinery business and raising the competitiveness of the Rijeka Refinery, so we have launched Rijeka Refinery Upgrade Project. Thanks to the investment in the Delayed Coker Unit (DCU), the reconstruction of existing units, a new port with a closed storage and greater overall complexity, the Rijeka Refinery will be one of the most modern European refineries.

Total investment cost is more than HRK 4 billion, which is the largest single investment project in the Company’s history. Thanks to the Delayed Coker Unit, the structure of the Rijeka refinery will be improved in such a way that the share of profitable “white” products, i.e. motor fuels (diesel and petrol) will increase. Production will provide sufficient quantities for the needs of the domestic market and other key export markets.