Sustainable development

Fire protection

Complete fire protection in the categorized INA Group facilities and continuous improvement of the fire protection status and fire fighting in general is a permanent task of fire protection and firefighting.

Fire protection activities are actively performed during the year in all INA Group facilities.

Internal regulations

Significant activities are focused on coordinating the internal regulations, procedures and standards with the EU standards and best practices in the field of fire protection and fire fighting in the oil and chemical industry. Fire brigades, depending on the protected facility categorization (category I and II), are in compliance with applicable legal regulations with regard to the required number of vehicles, equipment and number of firefighters.

Employee training

When starting employment or changing the workplace, each INA Group employee shall undergo training in fire protection according to the programs in the FP field, which are in compliance with the legal regulations of the country of operation of each INA Group Company, as well as all other forms of training and education. Continuous and constant education of all employees is aimed at preventive avoidance of all possible situations that may lead to fire and explosion.

Fire drills

Every year in May, the Fire Protection Month, additional fire drills are carried out in INA Group Companies under the supervision of the Commander of INA fire brigades and in cooperation with professional fire protection departments with the objective of improving the fire protection status.