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Information about cookies used on the website ina.hr

We use cookies in certain areas of the website ina.hr.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file in the source code of a website (a small amount of data that is exchanged between the server and the user). Cookies are downloaded by the browser used on the user’s device (e.g., computer, laptop, smartphone) and stored in the browser itself. The browser sends the cookies associated with the website ina.hr. INA Plc. does not have access to the user’s device.

What can cookies be used for?

Cookies are most often used to make websites work or be more efficient, as well as to provide information to the website owners. Cookies allow a website to recognize whether users have already visited it or help it understand user preferences. Cookies provide information about which part of the website is the most popular because they show which pages users visit and how much time they spend on them. By studying this data, websites can be adapted to users’ needs and provide an even more diverse user experience. In addition, cookies are used to ensure that the information displayed on each subsequent visit meets the user’s expectations (without you selecting them).

Types of cookies

In general, there are three ways of classifying cookies – according to their function, duration and origin.

1. According to their function
  • Strictly necessary cookies – cookies that ensure the proper functioning of the website and facilitate its use. Without the use of these cookies, parts of the website will not function properly, therefore it is not possible to disable these cookies.
  • Functional cookies – cookies that allow the personalization of the website by recording the user’s individual preferences. By default, these cookies are always disabled when the website is opened and are only activated with the user’s consent. The user’s consent can be withdrawn at any time by opening the cookie settings on the link.
  • Performance cookies – cookies that allow tracking the number of visits and traffic to measure and improve the website’s performance. By default, these cookies are always disabled when the website is opened and are only activated with the user’s consent. The user’s consent can be withdrawn at any time by opening the cookie settings on the link.
  • Marketing cookies – targeted advertising cookies that store information about users’ behaviour by tracking browsing habits and history, which enables the display of personalized advertisements from third parties. The website ina.hr does not use this type of cookie.
2. According to their duration
  • Session cookies – cookies that are active during the current browsing session and usually have a short expiration time (1-2 minutes to 1-2 days).
  • Persistent cookies – cookies that are active for a longer period (even 1 year) than session cookies, which may vary for each cookie, and the same is defined by the website operator.
3. According to their origin
  • First-party cookies – cookies set directly by the website you are visiting. Only the website operator can read them and access the information stored in the cookie.
  • Third-party cookies – cookies placed on the website by third parties other than the website operator. In this case, personal data is transferred outside the European Economic Area (EEA): Google LLC, Meta Platforms Inc., Xandr Inc. Most of these third countries do not provide the level of protection required under Chapter V of the GDPR for data protection in the EEA. In these cases, service providers use standard contractual clauses (“SCCs”) developed by the European Commission for its data transfers outside the EEA.

How to manage and delete cookies?

Cookies used on the website ina.hr can be found in the Cookie Notice.
You can change the cookie settings that you accepted when you first visited the website at any time by opening the settings at Manage Cookie Settings.

You can adjust cookie management in your browser. Every browser is different – use your browser’s “Help” menu to change your cookie settings. For the most commonly used browsers, the menu items for managing cookies are as follows:

Google Analytics provides additional options for opting out of Google Analytics, which can be found here.

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