INA Montana sandwich, snack worthy of a lord

As early as in 18th century, lord Sandwich thought of placing a piece of meat between two slices of bread, and since then there have been many versions of sandwiches on all continents. Not even INA could resist creating a new taste, so since recently, at retail shops available as part of INA’s filling stations you can find a snack worthy of a lord: the new INA Montana sandwich created especially for INA!

Montana Plus d.o.o. with HQ in Zagreb is currently the only Croatian producer and distributor of pre-packed sandwiches and our customers already know well the quality and great taste of Montana sandwiches, but this time we have something really special for them. INA Montana is a maxi (triple) sandwich weighing 260 grams, in which slices of a particular type of bread with seeds, with spread of light mayonnaise and a refreshing horseradish sauce, are topped with slices of delicious baked ham and semi-hard cheese and accompanied with juicy roasted peppers.

With INA Montana sandwich, not only will you not be hungry, but your refreshment break will be an experience worthy of lord Sandwich himself – enjoy!