We are INA

INA Group is driven by people. Together we build a positive corporate culture where we respect diversity, strengthen competencies, communicate openly and as a team achieve top results. Thanks to the accumulated knowledge, market experience and, above all, the professional and motivated employees who are the foundation of our success, we are the leading company in the oil industry in Croatia and the region. That is why INA, like few other companies in the region, is an ideal environment for the development of all your potentials.

We act with integrity

We are open, honest, consistent and transparent in all that we do. We treat everyone fairly and respectfully, speak up when needed, and we fulfil promises. We take ownership for our own and fellow colleagues health and safety and we take care of the environment. We act with line with standards of ethical practice.

We act customer centrically

We reach out to customers to understand their needs and proactively ask for their inputs. We take ownership of resolving customers’ issues, focusing on solutions (“how”) rather than obstacles (“why not”). We question status quo and initiate changes in process or operations to provide long-term customer partnership.

We develop capability

We are proactive and strive to continuously improve ourselves. We are open and seek feedback and in accordance with them we seek development opportunities and are persistent in their realization. We suggest and are open to innovative ways of working. We praise achievement and give feedback to support others in their development.

We work collaboratively

We cooperate, and act as one team. We share information, knowledge and experience with colleagues inside and outside of our immediate team and we consider different points of view. We provide help and ask for help when it’s needed. We give credit to others and celebrate success.

We drive results

We take ownership to deliver great results. We prioritize and perform work according to expectations, regulations and quality standards. We indicate on time if a task will not be completed, or complications are expected. We suggest ways to do tasks faster or easier and we translate ideas into actions with ownership. We continuously identify areas for efficiency and innovation including the removal of non-value adding activities.

Our strength lies in diversity

That is why we are building a culture in accordance with the highest ethical values and principles, in which differences are respected and accepted, regardless of whether they are visible differences such as gender, age, race, language, disability, or less visible differences such as religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, beliefs, hobbies or, for example, learning and thinking styles.

Through our daily behavior, we create a community where everyone feels included, respected and connected and where everyone has the opportunity to develop their skills and talents without prejudice based on personal characteristics that are not related to the job.

At INA Group, everybody counts.

We are proud to work in INA

INA has won numerous recognitions and awards of the profession for excellence in the field of human resource management, such as the Employer Partner certificate and the Excellence in Challenges award. We are especially proud of our MAMFORCE and DADFORCE standards for family-responsible and gender-aware human resource management. INA is also continuously in the Top 10 most desirable employers in Croatia and is the recipient of the Employer of the Year award for people with disabilities. We are proud to be recognized as the best company for women and the best company for employee wellbeing. Apply and see for yourself – because, yes, #itscooltoworkinINA!

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