Why it’s cool to work in INA?

Stability, community and career for people of all generations and profiles

The knowledge that it is people who are the foundation on which INA Group’s business is built greatly influences our business behavior, organizational structure, management and all related processes. If we add to this the large number of different activities of INA Group that we are engaged in, there is an exceptional range of professionals employed in INA whose knowledge stretches from very technical to interdisciplinary areas. INA Group is home to experts of different generations, interests and profiles, engaged in large domestic and international projects from northern Adriatic platforms, through fields and facilities of central Croatia, Podravina and eastern Slavonia, through more than 500 retail outlets in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Slovenia to distant foreign worksites. It is this diversity that brings us a wide range of knowledge and experience into our everyday work, which through teamwork translates into innovative solutions in accordance with the world’s leading practices and provides us with a competitive advantage and business success in dynamic market conditions in which we operate. There is a growing trend in which younger colleagues are becoming independent in their work faster and taking responsibility for key projects in our company – not only because of their engagement, but also because of the enviable level of leadership and mentoring by older colleagues. No matter who we are, where and what we do, our main goal is equal – to be the first choice of our customers, our workers and our investors.

Health, safety and wellbeing are our focus

We are aware that all of us are not just employees, we also play many other roles in life. We ensure a healthy and safe environment in the workplace – we look after each other, protect each other and promote health. We pay special attention to developing awareness of topics in the field of healthy living in general, and we promote a holistic approach to well-being. Our goal is to remain active participants in taking care of our personal well-being, preventing the most common diseases, stress and addiction, and developing healthy habits. On our internal platforms, we always have useful content such as news, advice, recommendations and articles and team activities for healthy living, stress management, personal finances, leisure activities and for work-life balance. Additional support in achieving work-life balance is provided by flexible work arrangements that allow us to adapt our working hours or place of work to our needs.

Flexible work arrangements

By openly exchanging information and knowledge, we jumpstart innovation

In addition to significant achievements in oil and gas exploration, production, processing and sales, we also have a rich heritage and culture of internal knowledge and experience sharing among colleagues. Our internal platforms serve as a unique place of access to information and company knowledge – from subscriptions to online versions of professional magazines, articles and books, academic and expert papers produced by our colleagues to professional and business education and training. With a systematic approach to the exchange of knowledge, the support of internal trainers and modern methods of learning and knowledge transfer, opportunities for personal growth and development in our company become even more accessible to everyone. Knowledge is power, but only if it is shared with others! This is exactly what allows us to look at business challenges from another perspective – new technologies and new ways of working and finding innovative solutions in our everyday work.

INA Academy

Sports and recreation develop our team spirit

A healthy spirit resides in a healthy body. Taking care of health and the environment is part of our everyday life, and cycling is just one of the ways we have a positive impact on health, the environment, and the development of our community. INA, as an established bike-friendly employer, enables the employees to use their reliable, ecological and fun means of transport as often as possible – from daily cycling to work to cycling gatherings with colleagues. Except through recreation, our sports spirit can be shown off at our sporting meetings. Football, volleyball, and running, are sports in which we like to measure strength, readiness and dexterity. Since all workers can participate in our sports story regardless of age and gender, this is also an extraordinary opportunity to meet colleagues from different parts of the INA Group. Colleagues who do not play sports can join the organization or as referees to maintain fair play throughout the match and thus be an integral part of this great experience.

We are active drivers of change in the community

We are committed to sustainable development, environmental protection and care for the community and future generations. We are at the forefront of corporate volunteering in Croatia thanks to our hardworking volunteers who have been selflessly helping those who need it most for a decade. More than 1,400 volunteers have donated over 38,000 hours in ~300 volunteer actions – from cleaning beaches, painting public benches, planting beautiful gardens to adopting animals. Through numerous other projects, every year we expand the green belt throughout Croatia, provide support to activities and projects that contribute to the preservation of the environment and the betterment of local communities. We have renovated animal shelters, opened and supplied classrooms, renovated rest areas and children’s playgrounds, cleaned meadows, forests, coastal areas, underwater, rivers and lakes, and in business we follow the world’s leading practices and achievements to make our products as ecologically clean as possible and pose as little danger as possible to the environment. Our additional goal is to spread awareness of the importance and be ambassadors for sustainable development and environmental protection because we know –  it is so much easier to achieve goals together.

INA Volunteer Club

We know who's the most important

Every day we recognize the dedicated work and individual contribution of all team members to the results of the company. In a special festive atmosphere at the end of the year, our management awards and recognizes the best among us – for loyalty, outstanding contribution, realized strategic projects, innovation and personal contribution to the protection of health and safety. The most prestigious internal award is for colleagues who are ambassadors of the company values, special in that the workers themselves nominate and select their colleagues who they believe deserve this high recognition.

We recognize that for success it is important that we can be authentic at work, which we support by celebrating these successes together with the families of our workers. We are all also especially proud of the days when we become a real center of children’s entertainment. This is when we can finally give answers to the eternal questions kids ask their parents: “And where do you work?” or “Can I go to work with you today?”. The little ones get the opportunity to visit their parents’ workplaces in our locations throughout Croatia and spend a fun day with them at work enjoying numerous fun and educational activities.

Kids Day

Reward a colleague