Benefits for employees

At INA Group, we are aware that people in the organization are more than employees and have many different roles in their lives. That is why we care about the complete, holistic well-being of our employees both in and out of the workplace. Perhaps just reviewing the benefits we currently offer our team will help you decide to join our team!

Salary supplements

We cover the cost of commuting to and from work in the amount of public transport costs up to 1,600 HRK per month, and there are regular allowances for special working conditions (night work, overtime, etc.)

Financial support

Regular summer, Christmas, and Easter payments. We also provide additional financial support to our colleagues and in various challenging life circumstances.

Your performance

Through your mentoring relationship with the manager, define your business and development goals, and HOW to achieve these goals through our Success Principles. Depending on business results and performance, you can also receive a cash bonus.


Your outstanding contribution, special effort and excellent results are recognized and rewarded with numerous internal recognitions and (monetary) awards.

Additional health insurance

For a higher standard of healthcare, we have provided you with a free physical examination and additional specialist examinations and diagnostic treatments as recommended by the doctor.

Accident insurance

No matter where you are, at home or abroad, with us you are insured against an accident 24 hours a day.

Travel insurance

For carefree business trips, we have travel insurance with coverage all over the world.


We offer at least 20 days of annual leave. The number of days increases depending on seniority, type of work, number of children and other conditions.

Time for you

You can use up to seven days of paid leave per year to address various personal priorities. We also give time off to participate in humanitarian, cultural or sports actions.

Benefits for pregnant women and mothers

Days off for prenatal examinations, breastfeeding breaks, partner benefits on education and support programs and baby equipment. Stay connected with the delivery of the INA Newsletter to your home address.

Support for parents

We congratulate and welcome newborns with 5,000 HRK net, provide a day off when kids start kindergarten and school and numerous other benefits of partners (from camps and courses to playrooms and children’s equipment).

FORa – Flexible work arrangements

To support your work-life balance, you can use FlexiTime or work from another location through FlexiPlace up to four times a month.

beneFIT wellbeing platform

We bring you tips, recommendations, articles and activities in the field of holistic well-being – healthy lifestyles, personal finances, leisure and work-life balance.


In addition to numerous facilities and activities on health topics, we also have at our disposal a team of doctors for advice on our health and the health of our family members.


If you like to cycle to work, you can find a parking space in a safe and dry place. Cycling gatherings with colleagues are also part of our bike community.

INA Academy

On the internal knowledge platform, you have up to 20 educations per month to choose from. If you are willing to share your expertise with others, join our team of internal coaches.

Professional and personal growth and development

We invest in the continuous development of our workers. Take the opportunity to participate in lectures and trainings with internal and external experts. Do you have a suggestion of useful education? We are open to suggestions!

Your career path

You have at your disposal numerous educations and training programs in the field of technical, project and management skills aligned with your interests and career path.

Read & Share

We have a subscription to the world’s top magazines and access to numerous professional books and literature. Read where and how you want and keep up to date with best practices.


Our restaurants offer a variety of dishes for your needs at affordable prices. There is also a corner for your lunch where you can enjoy a meal that you have prepared yourself at home.

Short break

In our locations you can have a short break with conversation with colleagues over coffee, tea or juice. Enjoy delicious and quality Fresh Corner products at your headquarters.

Employee benefits

Based on request from our employees, we arrange benefits with partners in twenty categories: health, personal care, travel, personal finances, sports and fitness, culture, gastro offer, benefits for parents, pets, etc.

INA Volunteer Club

We know it’s easier to work together. If you want to take help others as an active part of the community and be part of the change – you can do it with us.

The future of work and technology

The latest technologies and processes help us achieve a strategy aligned with world-leading practices. Modern digital tools allow us to work and collaborate with colleagues from across MOL Group from the UK to Pakistan.

International mobility

We provide the opportunity to participate in international mobility programs. If there is a business need, work opportunities are opened up in all members of INA and MOL Group.