Life at INA

Starting a career in oil and gas production was a challenge for me, given that it was fieldwork from day one. I soon realized that it had a number of advantages. The learning process is much faster, you can see everything on the spot, things are very concrete. You quickly gain a clear picture of the process of producing, processing and transporting oil and gas. The work is very dynamic and diverse, includes daily monitoring and optimization of well operation, analysis of production data, participation in various projects and cooperation with colleagues from other organizational units within the company – for example from deposit engineering, formation assessment, overhaul works, etc. The working atmosphere is very stimulating and dynamic, and new ideas are always welcome. In my line of work every weekday is a new challenge, it’s never monotonous. This is exactly what I like best, along with excellent work colleagues.

Valentina Babić, Oil Well Technology Senior Engineer, IPNP

Young people often see working in retail as a temporary job – while they go to university or until they find the “right” job, but what they don’t yet know at that age is that choosing retail as the beginning of a career path is a very smart choice. Retail is a place where you can progress from beginner to management working in a very dynamic environment that is never boring. It is important to learn how to work with different types of people. You can be flexible at a stage of life when it is important to you, working different shifts and organizing your life in a way that best suits you. Also, skills that can be learned from working at a retail outlet also help in your private life – approaching different types of people, the power of persuasion, as well as the ability to solve problems and develop focus on achieving goals in a dynamic environment. The industry is changing daily and very quickly, and new retail orientations such as mobility, digitalization and social media open a lot of new opportunities, and that’s why I don’t think there has ever been a better time to start a career with us.

Marijana Lončar, Director of Retail Network Development and Asset Management, RET

Finance is not the first choice for most young people, mostly because of the image of complexity and the image of an office job in a dark office with a stack of papers on the table. These days, through constant efforts in digitalization, have passed. Also, because of their complexity, finances provide the opportunity to get to know the entire business of the company, work on interesting development and strategic projects and contact various internal, but also external stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, banks, auditors, regulators, etc. By working in such a dynamic environment, young people acquire the necessary skills to develop their own competitiveness and independence and provide them with the opportunity to further develop their careers through rotations within INA’s Finances, but also within MOL’s Finances. Through my personal experience, working in the MOL Treasury with people of different nationalities and in a foreign language has further thrown me out of the comfort zone which has helped me in my business and personal development. Recently, I accepted the opportunity to be part of INA’s largest individual strategic project, the Rijeka Oil Refinery Upgrade Project, in which I provide support from the point of view of finance, which further motivates me in my work, and allows me to get better acquainted with the ‘core’ business of the company.

Vladimir Prokopec, Reporting and Quality assurance Senior Expert, FIN

After a long career in banking, the move to an oil and gas company was a real refreshment. Arriving at the Blue Team, I took over the management of the projects, the new colleagues immediately accepted me “as their own”. The work is very dynamic and interesting, and the end products of the projects are very applicable and concrete. Because the use of these products is very wide, there is often a need to go to the field and work closely with our customers, which is an opportunity to meet colleagues throughout the Group. It is very important that here I have the opportunity to continuously improve and acquire new knowledge. The atmosphere is extremely positive, and I can rely on colleagues with full confidence.

Ivica Črep, Leading IS Project Management Expert, PT