Our selection process

INA, as one of the leading employers on the Croatian market, offers numerous career opportunities! Whether you are at the beginning of your career or an experienced expert, you can find stability, community and career in INA.

Our new colleagues bring their knowledge and skills to our company, but it is very important to us that our new colleagues feel they fit into our organization with their value system and mindset so that we can continue to develop and grow together.

To achieve this, we have a selection process which we adapt to the needs of each position.

In order to protect your personal data, all applications for all jobs in our company, including open applications, are sent exclusively through the Employment Portal. Applications received through other channels are not considered.

What does the INA recruitment process look like?

Pre-selection based on CVs

  • Logging into Taleo database

Once you have created a profile on our employment portal, you can see and apply for all the open positions published by INA Group.

  • How to creatie a profile in Taleo database?

When you sign in for the first time, select the “New user” option. Information about the processing of personal data will appear on the screen, and after pressing the “I accept” option, a registration interface will appear in which you need to enter the username and e-mail address and the desired password. After that, an automatic confirmation response from your application will arrive to your e-mail.

  • Pre-selection

Your application is received by our recruitment and selection experts who will determine whether you meet all the formal requirements for the position with your level of education, experience and other skills.

Psychology testing

Candidates who have passed the pre-selection will receive an invitation to the test from the online testing system.

Each test shall be prepared and adapted to the type and complexity of the position for which the appropriate candidate is sought. Mostly testing consists of a cognitive abilities test and a personality questionnaire.

Psychological testing lasts for an average of 45 minutes and you do not need to specially prepare for it. It is essential that you have a secured quiet place and a stable internet connection, so that nothing interferes with you when testing.


Candidates who have met all the test criteria will be invited to the shortlist of selections and will receive an invitation for an interview. Often, due to the requirements of the position, we also hold several interviews involving a recruitment and selection specialist and/or competent HR partner and a manager for whose team we employ a candidate.

The interview is equally important for all participants. For us, this is an opportunity to present to you our company and workplace, as well as our corporate culture and learn more about you, your interests, work experience, education and expectations.

Offer letter

If you are the right candidate for us and we are the right company for you – you will receive an official letter of offer via email from the competent recruitment specialist or HR partner. The offer letter will contain all the important information that will allow you to make an informed decision about the next step of your career!