INA replacing coke chambers in Sisak Refinery

    • Investment worth over HRK 30 million in Sisak Refinery
    • New coke chambers to increase safety of production units

    Zagreb, 3rd February 2014- INA invested 31 million to replace two coke chambers at the Sisak Refinery, whose delivery and transport will be carried out today and tomorrow. Installation is planned during Sisak Refinery turnaround in spring 2014.
    New chambers have the same capacity and dimensions as the previous ones, and will be installed on the Coking plant. By replacing coke chambers, a safer continuous operation of the plant is achieved, while the risks to health, safety and the environment are reduced.
    Replacement of coke chambers is another in a series of projects designed to increase health, safety and the environment standards and improve efficiency. In this regard, currently two another projects are being implemented in the Refinery; closing of the Blow down system of the coking plant and the construction of the new recompression station. We can also mention that since midyear 2013 Sisak Refinery has the ability of producing diesel fuel with a bio component, while in September system of additional wastewater treatment was put into operation, called KROFTA.
    Over the past few years, INA has invested more than HRK 1 billion in the Sisak Oil Refinery, thanks to which new processing units were built in order to provide modern standards of crude oil refining and production of motor fuels in line with Croatian and European conditions.

    About INA Group
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