Media notice

In addition to the inaccurate and scientifically unfounded information presented by Greenpeace in the media today regarding the situation with the sunken Ivan D platform, which may unnecessarily upset the public and damage Croatia’s company and reputation, INA points out the following:

There are no gas leaks from the platform, and INA regularly monitors its condition, which has remained unchanged since the sinking. In the event of a potential gas leak, due to the high pressure in the gas reservoir, the visible bubbles would be drastically larger than shown, and divers would not be able to casually dive around the scene. Visible bubbles are a natural phenomenon of bladder discharge from a sandy or muddy bottom. In addition to the deposition of silt and sand, the sediments of the Adriatic subsoil contain an increased share of organic matter, the bacterial decomposition of which produces methane gas. It accumulates in the loose sediments of the seabed and comes out in the form of bubbles on the surface of the sea. The wider area of ​​the northern Adriatic seabed, both on the Croatian and Italian sides, is known for this phenomenon, which in Istria is called ‘brombola’ and is especially known to fishermen since ancient times, because it is a place of good fishing mail. Bromboles were recorded from Brijuni to in front of Novigrad. INA has also witnessed these natural phenomena countless times during the works in this area.

We emphasize that the sunken platform does not pose a security threat to people or the environment. The scene was marked, and the company acted and will continue to act according to the instructions of all relevant institutions. We point out that approaching the scene and diving on site is not allowed without special permits from the authorities.

We also deny the inaccurate information that the life of the platform is 20 years. The fact is that the projected lifespan of the platform with additional verifications is 40 years.

Several independent institutions have conducted expert investigations in the past to determine the reasons for the platform’s decline and suggest further action. The entire investigation is overseen by the Commission for the Investigation of the Ministry of the Economy and Sustainable Development, in which representatives of all relevant public bodies participate. After the announcement of the conclusions reached, the company will immediately inform the public.