Following the article published in Vecernji list today INA, d.d. would like to share the following information:

Except for Mr. Predrag Premužić, other sources mentioned in the article are no longer INA employees. Therefore, their statements are outdated and can lead to wrong conclusions regarding the situation in Syria and regarding the safety of our employees.

We would like to emphasize once more that the safety of our employees is top priority. Therefore, INA is closely monitoring the developments in Syria and adjusting its operations. Due to the worsening of the security circumstances, INA decided to bring back most of its employees from Syria late January. This was done to minimize all possible safety risks.

Furthermore, we would like to point out that there were no major attacks against INA’s or Crosco’s employees in Syria. Some minor incidents happened such as the one when a Crosco car has been stolen. During this incident the safety of INA’s employees was not put into question.

INA’s gas production in Syria is still ongoing without any major disturbances. The main production activities were taken over by local workforce.

INA is ready and prepared to make further decisions as required by the situation in Syria. Documents