Sándor Fasimon resigned as President of the Management Board of INA

Zagreb, September 7, 2022 – Despite no involvement in any of the wrongful practices that surfaced around INA recently, Mr Sándor Fasimon has submitted his resignation as President of the Management Board of INA to Supervisory Board.

„I was utterly shocked to learn about the actions of Damir Škugor and his associates. During the past ten years, INA has come a very long way: from the brink of bankruptcy, we have reached financial stability, and we are in the process to realize the largest industrial investment in the history of the country with the construction of the Delayed Coker Unit at Rijeka Refinery. Škugor’s actions are despicable and do not represent the identity of INA. This is not who INA is, it’s not who we are. I am proud of our achievements together during the past decade, and despite the fact that I had nothing to do with Škugor’s crimes or any other wrongdoing, as a responsible company leader I must bear the moral accountability for the whole of INA. Therefore, the right thing to do now is to submit my resignation”, said Sándor Fasimon, President of INA’s Management Board.

Mr Fasimon will continue performing his duties as the President of the Management Board of INA until the appointment of his successor in order to secure the continuity of the company’s operation.

Meanwhile, a thorough and strict investigation within the company is being executed. When the investigation has reached a conclusion, company will take further actions.

About INA Group

INA Group plays a leading role in oil operations in Croatia and a significant role in the region in oil and gas exploration and production, oil refining and distribution of oil and petroleum products. INA Group comprises several subsidiaries fully or partial owned by INA, d.d. The Group’s seat is in Zagreb, Croatia. Apart from Croatia, INA also has upstream operations in Angola and Egypt. Oil refining takes place at the Rijeka Oil Refinery, while sustainable alternative businesses are being developed at the Sisak industrial site. INA’s regional retail network consists of more than 500 retail sites in Croatia and neighboring countries. INA Group is a member of MOL Group.


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